Frequently Asked

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Most firms focus on volume and margins, not relationships. This is why many companies have 250 or more households per advisor. However, we refuse to sacrifice the client experience for the sake of margins. We are currently limiting clients to 70 per advisor. This allows us to truly build personal relationships with our clients, and help them with any financial decision – large or small.
This is crucial because most clients expect, and rightfully so, to have access to their advisor when life happens. If client count is too high, then an advisor will be too busy to help with things they consider small – even when it is significant in your life. We want to have time to connect with your mortgage broker, call your 401k provider with you, and navigate their employers benefits. These take time but are important to our clients peace of mind.
Yes, with zero qualifiers attached.
No, we do not have asset minimums. However, most of our clients choose our portfolio services.
We don’t sell any products or receive commissions (an unfortunate component of insurance sales). However, we do include insurance coverage in our risk management analysis and will make sure you have the proper insurance policies in place. If you need to purchase any policy, we will refer you to a licensed insurance provider.
This should perhaps be the most important factor when hiring an advisor. This means that our firm compensated by no other means than the transparent fees our clients pay. This gives you confidence that there are no kickbacks or commissions for recommendations made by your advisor. We are 100% committed to being fee-only.
Yes, through our back-office tax firm partnership, we can offer tax preparation and additional tax planning for our clients. Utilization of this service could result in an adjustment to your quarterly fee.
We help clients identify risks and gaps in their estate plans, and will refer them to an attorney for drafting of the documents.


If you are looking for a true partner to walk with you on your financial journey, reach out today and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.